Thursday, June 18, 2009

hello fellas, how ya all doin...i just wanted to share my recent creations. hope u guys like it.... peace

Saturday, May 30, 2009

with and without make up!!!

i just wanted to share sum pics of me with and with out make up! hope u guys like it!!! thanks for stopping by....

my very first creation using my 88pallete from coastal scents...

"early spring look" inspired by faffinettex
since i didnt have the early spring eyeshaddow i jst used my 88 pallette fromf c/s...
i love her make up tutorial. shes awesome

hhmm jst a simple purple using 88 pallette
excuse my eyebrow its a little messy...too lazy to pluck haha

simple make up.... but i love it...:D

i was jst playing with my 88 pallete and this is wut it turns out... hope u guys like it

bored as hell on this was around midnight and i coulndt sleep so i thought id play around with my make up and this is the hello kitty look using my 88 pallette again....

simple smokey eye...


hello!!! my name is mycaella kate
4 days old on our way home from the hospital..

my babygurl 2 months old

xmas time 3 months old

my baby getting big..
4 months old

4 and a half months old...